Twisted Life: Time Slips, Reality Shifts, & Aliens by Paul Ieson

Twisted Life: Time Slips, Reality Shifts, & Aliens

Twisted Life is a heartfelt love story of pain, despair, and loss. The main character only wants a normal life but can not have one because of an alien species called the insectoid’s that seem to be manipulating everything going on in his life. They are the ones behind his time travel ability’s and seem to point him in the direction that they want him to go in their experiment. There‚Äôs fast action, a bit of fun, and lots of imagination in this story of time travel.
The story takes place in present day and then goes back and forth a bit. Even going back 180 years or so. The places that are mentioned are real and have been documented as being haunted and according to the story line, the main character in the story is part of the reasons why. Oh and did we mention that his mother is an alien who married a human?

Anyone who is a fan of Paul’s writing can tell you that reading his work is like sitting by the firepit and having someone tell you a story. Paul looks at himself as a story teller more than anything else. You can find Paul Iesons work and his other books on Amazon.