Immortals Among Us: Life As A Human By Paul Ieson

Immortals Among Us: Life As A Human Audio Book

Dive into a story where you will enter into the secret magick world where Immortals, (The children of the old Gods) pose as Mortals that masquerade as Witches in Paul Ieson’s captivating novel Immortals Among Us, Life As A Human. As the main character navigates through two worlds, Earth and the mystical Shadow. The main character is doing OK until his girlfriend is abducted. A clash between good and evil begins and love then rises from out of the depths. Drama ensues and a Mortal who wishes to join the ranks of the Immortals gets thrown into the mix. This tale of magick, suspense and romance showcases Paul’s engrossing storytelling brilliance. Offering readers an enchanting escape into a realm where the extraordinary becomes reality. A must-read for fantasy enthusiasts. Did I mention that there are Dragons too?

In the story, M&M, Freyja and Rhiannan are the main characters in the novel. They are the Immortals who are trying to stay hidden and wanting no humans to know of there kind. They walk the Earth pretending to be humans who practice magick so as to hide there strange ways about them. For thousands of years there kind has managed to stay undetected from any one, even the governments that think they run every thing. That is until a sudden miss-hap of events takes place and every thing seems to all apart.

Beetle, who is the leading Prince for the dark side in Immortal politics and wishes him self to be king, attempts a bold move by abducting another Immortal and trying to use them to gain further control over things and make them go in his favor. The leading Prince of the light side M&M, because of this deception now has to keep everything from falling apart. To make things even more interesting. A Human finds out about the Immortals and wants to join there kind. Then the government learns of the Immortals, and well, all hell breaks loose.

Anyone who is a fan of Paul’s writing can tell you that reading his work is like sitting by the firepit and having someone tell you a story. Paul looks at himself as a story teller more than anything else.