Immortal Apocalypse: When Myth Becomes Reality, by Paul Ieson

Immortal Apocalypse
When Myth Becomes Reality

Time is the present day. The Reptilian species that has remand hidden for thousands of years have now infatuated every major government on the planet and have now decided that it is time to take back their world. This means that They wish to eradicate every human from the face of the planet. The children of the old gods however do not wish to allow this to happen and join the humans in stopping the reptilians even though, for the most part, humans still do not know the Immortals even exist. Did I mention that Bigfoot plays a big role in the story. They have aligned them selves with the Immortals, and there are also other cryptids that play a roll in this book as well? This tale of magick, suspense and romance showcases Paul’s engrossing storytelling brilliance. Offering readers an enchanting escape into a realm where the extraordinary becomes reality. A must-read for fantasy enthusiasts.

This book is written in storyteller format with non stop action and suspense. In other words, you may very well read this book from cover to cover in one sitting. Anyone who is a fan of Paul’s writing can tell you that reading his work is like sitting by the fire pit and having someone tell you a story. You can find Paul Ieson’s work and all his books on Amazon in paperback and almost anywhere in digital format.