Scarecrow by Kevin Provance.

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Ryan Thomas and his dormmate Jarrod Mayfield awaken on a cold morning in March to a gruesome discovery. One of Western Maryland College’s most respected professors, Austin Webb, has been brutally murdered and left for dead behind the football stadium bleachers. There is no apparent motive and no clear suspects. The killer left behind two clues. The symbol of a crow with its wings spread branded on the deceased professor’s forehead and a note printed on a blank business card that reads, “Ring me a Porter.”

As writers for the college’s newspaper, Ryan and Jarrod team up with fellow writer Tiffany Cutter and the newspaper’s editor, Alan Kittridge, to begin a journalistic investigation. Little do they know they’re about to be dragged into one of the most horrifying events the small town of Westminster, Maryland, has ever seen.

What Ryan and his friends discover will change their lives forever and turn the sleepy town upside down. Hiding in the shadows is a serial killer who wants revenge for something that happened decades earlier.

Will this team of college journalists stop the killer before he completes his cycle? Will law enforcement? Or will the killer complete his masterpiece?

Figure it out.