Essential Software Development Career + Technical Guide

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Master the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as a software engineer with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned professional, this book covers all the essential software development topics to help you stay up-to-date and excel in your role.

Compare what this book covers to others. You will see the breadth of coverage exceeds nearly all others. (Click the book cover to look inside at the table of contents)

Read this book If:
You want to start OR have started a career in software engineering.
You want to know about all the technical topics you need to succeed.
You want to understand the entire process of software engineering.
You want to learn what they will NOT teach you in school.
You want to understand coding, multithreading, testing, and more!
You would like to learn the soft skills you need for promotions.
You want to know how to get promoted.
You want to know why you are NOT getting promoted.
You want to understand deep technical topics, i.e., encryption+crypto.
If you think your company is doing Agile wrong.

After reading the book, you will:
• Understand how to have a successful career in software engineering.
• Have the technical knowledge to know how and where to grow.
• Have the soft skills framework to help get you promoted and do your job exceptionally.
• Understand how to make the best decisions.
• Understand the technology and psychology to excel.

This book covers career, soft skills, processes, and deep technical details on coding, testing, architecture, and much more!

Learn the secrets of management. You may never look at your job or management jobs the same way again.
Learn about software engineering and management career paths.
Don’t make mistakes that you can avoid with a little knowledge.
Learn to achieve the promotions you desire.
From a self-taught software engineer taking classes or continuing your career, this book will help you maximize your career.
This book does not intend to replace school or training. It provides a collection of articles on these topics that summarize, explain or provide insights on the essential topics for software engineers.

Get answers to:
What classes should you take in high school/college?
Should you become a software engineer?
What kind of computer do you need?
What industry sector should you work in?
What don’t they teach you in school?
Should you do consulting vs. full-time?
Do you need certifications?
Should you use a staffing firm?
What do software engineers do?
How do I get a job?
How do I get promoted?
How do I understand what hardware does?
How to become a Senior or Staff Software Engineer and more?
How do I become a manager?
Learn about:
Agile with Scrum, Multithreading, Source Control, Working with a team, Architecture, Algorithms / Data Structures, Networking, File Systems, Overviews of the web, Unicode, Dependency Injection, Security, Privacy, Object Oriented Languages, Message tracing, Floating point number processing, User Interface Design, Time Management, Cryptocurrency, Encryption, Recursion, Databases, Support, Testing, and much more!